Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I bring the weirdness!

This quite possibly could be the shortest blog ever. Just watch the videos, view the pics, and enjoy. All videos and photos are from Yoyogi Park and Harajuku. Quite a colorful crowd around there.

Odd Couple

Not entirely sure what this white girl is all about

Kim & Maryka with Mortal Combat ninja assassin

Kim with weird guy

Behold the famous Tokyo Rockabilly Club. These guys are absolutely ridiculous. A real gem here in Tokyo. The best part is, there isn't just one greaser group, there are several. All these groups compete for your love and attention. I wonder if they have tryouts.

The competition

This guy is by far my favorite. He performs solo style and lays it all on the line with his hot dance moves. Got to love the fact that he's soaked in sweet, but still puts on a hell of show. Now thats dedication.

I just found out this morning I bought frickin yogurt again! Can you guess which one is milk?


Tokyocpa said...

The one on the left says drinking yogurt, and the one on the right says milk.

nathaliemorales said...

Cool! I saw those rockabilly guys when I was there May 2006.. cool to see they are still rocking it out :)