Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A visitor has arrived from overseas

Ian came in town around mid August. Other than running around Tokyo we hit up a few historic spots. In Nikko we decided to skip the temples and head up to Lake Chuzenji to see Japan's most spectacular waterfall. Although the waterfall (97m high) was pretty impressive you could only view from the overlook platform. In true Japanese fashion the platform is located next to a parking lot and there are no trails to speak of for some solid hiking. Although you could take an elevator down to the lower platform for 540 yen. Heaven forbid you had to actually stretch the legs and walk down there. The lake itself is very pretty, but there really isn't much to do except ride in a paddle boat, and go to gift shops.

Ian, Kim and I also went to see a little Japanese baseball featuring the Yomiuri Giants vs Hanshin Tigers. Unfortunately the game was practically sold out so we had to make due with the standing room only. Overall it was a great game. The tigers pulled from behind after being down 6 runs. However it was not quite good enough as the Giants pulled away with the win (9 - 7). The main difference I found in Japanese vs US baseball as a spectator sport is that the Japanese have all these organized chants or songs that they sing throughout the entire game, and you can bring beer into the stadium so long as you pour it into a cup. The beer girls also wear some stunning digs (see below).

This video is priceless. Ian and I were walking around Akihabara one night and we stumbled upon this random concert. Basically it is just one female pop singer, and a bunch of Japanese guys (no women) in the crowd. The best part about it is there synchronized dance moves. It's like an NSync concert except the crowd is full of dudes. Err .... not that I know what an NSync concert is like ....

Lake Chuzenji

Japan's most spectacular waterfall

Armed and ready for some baseball

Food vendors

Giants vs Tigers

Beer girl

Ahh the weirdos of Harajuku

Goth kids, not just an American past time

I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so


Gateway to Yoyogi Park


Gateway to Meiji Shrine



Yoyogi park with Shinjuku looming in the background

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